What is the Method of Fiber Optic Cable Model Named?

Update Time:2018/2/26
Fiber Optical cable 

First part
Category code
GY communication room (wild) outside the optical cable
GS communications equipment within the cable
GH communications submarine cable
GT communication with special cable
GJ communication room (Bureau) within the cable
GW communications without metal cable
GR communication cable
GM communication with mobile optical cable
Note: Between Part 1 and Part 2: Code for Reinforcements (Reinforcing Cores) Reinforcing elements refer to the elements used to enhance the tensile strength of a cable within or by the sheath:
Unsigned - metal stiffeners;
G-metal heavy reinforcement
F-non-metallic reinforcement member;
H-non-metallic heavy-duty reinforcement
(For example: GYTA: metal reinforced member; GYFTA: non-metallic reinforced member)

Second part
Cable core and fiber optic cable filled with structural features of the code-named structural characteristics of the cable should be shown that the main type of cable and cable derived structure, when the cable type has several structural features that need to be marked, the combined code can be expressed.

Third part
B flat shape
C self-supporting structure
D fiber ribbon structure
E oval shape
G skeleton slot structure
J fiber tight sleeve coating structure
T grease filled structure
R inflatable structure
X Cable tube (coated)
Structure Z flame retardant

Fourth part
Sheath code
A Aluminum - Polyethylene bonded jacket
G steel sheath
L aluminum sheath
Q lead jacket
S steel - polyethylene adhesive protection of the magnetic
U polyurethane sheath
V PVC sheath Y Polyethylene sheath
W Steel-polyethylene bonded jacket with parallel wires

Note: between the fourth part and the fifth part: the code is expressed in two sets of numbers, the first group represents the armor layer, which can be one or two digits; the second group represents the coating layer and is a digital armor Loading codenamed armor layer
5 wrinkle strip
44 pairs of rough round steel wire
4 single rough round wire
33 double thin round wire
3 single round wire
2 double wrapped double steel
0 no armor layer

Coating Code Name Coating or coat code
1 fiber outer cover
2 polyethylene protection tube
3 polyethylene sleeve
4 polyethylene cover plus nylon cover
5 PVC sleeve

Fifth part:
Optical cable specifications
A multimode fiber
B single-mode fiber
B1.1 (B1) Non-dispersion displacement type fiber G652
B1.2 Cutoff wavelength displacement fiber G654
B2 dispersion displacement cable G653
B4 non-zero dispersion shifted fiber G655
Note: Multimode fiber can not be transported over long distances due to dispersion between modes and is almost eliminated.