Outdoor fiber optic cable

optical fiber cable, for the most suitable to use in outdoor so called outdoor fiber optic cable, it is durable, can withstand the freezing of weathering, the outer packing, which have some such as pressure, corrosion resistance, tensile mechanical properties, environmental characteristics.Communication optical fiber optic cable has the way of Aerial, Direct Buried, Pipe, Underwater, Indoor and so on.The transmission mode of fiber is divided into single mode fiber and multi-mode fiberThe cable structure is divided into the central and the SZ layer. Armored & non-armored etcModel No: EPFU, GCYFY, GYAXTC8Y, GYXTC8S, GYFXBY, GYGXY, GYXTW, GYFXY, GYTS53, GYTA53, GYFY63, GYFTA53, GYFY, GYFA, GYFS, GYFZY, GYFZS53, GYFC8S, ADSS & ARSS
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