Patch cord/ pigtail

Fiber-optic patch cord is the optical fiber connectors that connect to optical modules, and there are many, many different ways of interacting with each other. Several common optical fiber connectors are described in detail.1. FC-type : the external reinforcement method is the metal sleeve, and the fastening mode is the screw. Generally used on ODF side (the most used on distribution rack)2. SC type : connector of GBIC optical module. Its shell is rectangular. The fastening method is to use plug and pin latch, not to rotate.(the most used on router switches)3. ST type: used for fiber distribution frame, the shell is round, and the fastening way is the screw. For 10base-f connections, connectors are usually ST types. Used for fiber distribution frame4. LC type : connectors that connect to SFP modules, which are made using a modular jack latch mechanism with easy operation.(router)5. Other typies: MPO,MTP, ODC etc.
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