How many types of fiber optical cables we produce?

Update Time:2018-03-13

An optical fiber cable is a type of cable that has a number of optical fibers bundled together, which are normally covered in their individual protective plastic covers. Optical cables are used to transfer digital data signals in the form of light up to distances of hundreds of miles with higher throughput rates than those achievable via electrical communication cables. All optical fibers use a core of hair-like transparent silicon covered with less refractive indexed cladding to avoid light leakage to the surroundings. 

Due to the extreme sensitivity of the optical fiber, it is normally covered with a high-strength, lightweight protective material like Kevlar. 

Optical fiber cable is widely used in fiber optic communications.

And Rux Fiber can produce these types cable is below:

  1. Simplex Fiber Optical Cable
  2. Duplex Fiber Optical Cable
  3. Distribution Fiber Optical Cable
  4. Breakout Fiber Optic Cable
  5. Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable
  6. Ribbon Fiber optical Cable