What types of material to choose for the tension of fiber cables?

Update Time:2018-05-08

There are some types of material which is for the function of enhancing the tension for fiber cables:

1. Metallic elements: Steel wire, either can be phosphatized steel wire,which is with better price and same ability for enhancing the cable's tensile strength;  or ganvalized steel wire, which is with excellent anti-corrosion property.

2. Non-metallic emements, which is also called dielectirc parts.:

A. Aramid yarn: using inside the jacket usually, brings the excellent tensile strength in light weight; it is most popular to be used for indoor cable and ADSS cable. 

B. Polyester yarn: With half of the tension ability compared with aramid yarn, but with less than 10% price of aramid yarn. An economic way to reach your request;

C. FRP: same tensiion property as steel wire but not metallic, used as central strength member for cables.

D. Glass yarn: Good performance on tension while bring also anti-rodent function.

E. Water-blocking aramid yarn or Water-blocking glass yarn are also widely used for water blocking purpose

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