What's RUX's Competative Products

Update Time:2018/4/17

As a manufacturer established in 2008,  RUX has been in fiber opitc products for 10 years.

RUX is focus on and competative with the proucts ranges as below:

1. FTTH drop cable, including bow-type and round types

2. Electric and fiber hybrid cable, special design for customers' application;

3. High quality indoor cable and invisible cable used for residential places, communication base station, cabinet, optical equipment, office building and so on;

4. Flat design of cable with central PBT loose tube

5.  FTTH drop cable patch cord, Fiber patch cord, pigtails and splitters, the waterproof pigtail with special design of connector. 

    The connector type for these products mainly include: SC, LC, ST, FC, E2000, SMA, etc. 

   The cable type is usually 0.9mm buffer, 2.0mm or 3.0mm diameters, 2.0*3.0mm bow-type drop cable 2.0*5.0mm bow-type drop cable, 4.2mm round drop cable, 5.0mm round drop cable, Flat cable. and so on.

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