What's RUX's Quality Control System

Update Time:2018-04-17

RUX's quality control system mainly includes 3 parts:

1 Supplier assessment:  We only choose good reputation and qualified suppliers, and use perfect quality control process, making inspecition for incoming materials. 

 2. Semi-finished product inspection: we make 100% check, qualified products will go to next step and unqualified ones will be disposed.

3 Finished product inspection:we also make 100% inspection. Qualified products will be packed and shipped, and unqualified products will be disposed.

RUX  has established complete quality, environment and occupational health and safety assurance system to design, produce and supply its range of fiber cable, FTTh products.  RUX has OTDR, , Projector, High and Low Temperature CyclicChest, Chromatic Dispersion MeasurementSystem, Single wire and cable vertical combustion testing machine to test difference properties for all types of fiber cables. All the equipments are applied to be sure the quality of products we shipped out.