How is RUX's Service for Design the Best Package?

Update Time:2022/9/16

For international trade, the freight cost is an important part in the total cost.

RUX will design the most ideal package for your container loading.

For example:

1. For 2.0*5.0mm flat outdoor FTTH drop cable, pacakge without carton box we can design for loading of 1000km in a 20" container, Package with carton box, we are loading 720-864km for 20" GP container;

2. For outdoor fiber cable, basing on the drum size, we will load 2 layers or 3 layers according to size, to assure more loading in 1 container;

3. For patch cord, splitter and pigtails, we use individual plastic bag and then pack in the carton box. When we pack on the pallet, we will do enough protection to make sure the safety of the products during transpotation,.

Welcome to contact RUX sales for asking more pacakge  details.