RUX's test laboratory for fiber cable

Issue Time:2018/05/30

Shenzhen Runxiang Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd ( RUX) has a very professional test lab for testing the fiber optic cable, which assures the qualified quality of all the fiber optic cable we shipped out.

In the test lab there are full set of test equipments include but not limited to:

Single/Multimode OTDR Inspector , 

Insertion Loss & Return Loss Test Station, 


Single wire and cable vertical combustion testingmachine , Projector, 

Water Penetration Test Station,

 High and Low Temperaturerecycling Machine, 

Chromatic Dispersion Measurement System.

OpticalCable Tensile & Crush Test Machine,

OpticalCable Impact Test Machine,

OpticalCable  Vibration Test Machine,

OpticalCable  Winding & Flexing TestMachine,

OpticalCable Bending & Torsion Test Machine.

With the equipments we have, RUX is able to test the insert and return loss for the fiber. attenuation and all mechanical property of fiber optic cable, to avoid possible problem for our customers during installation.

Shenzhen Runxiang TelecommunicationTechnology Co., Ltd, established in Jan 2008, is located in Longgang District,Shenzhen City.  RUX is a high-techcompany specialized in research, development, production and sales of fibercommunication products.